The maritime environment places heavy demands on people and equipment. Welding and coating systems have to comply with the most stringent requirements. We are uniquely aware of this, as specialists in the field of steel, aluminium and stainless steel. We are perfectly equipped for offshore industry. Our welding division, for example, is manned by highly trained specialists who can process any material, up to and including high strength steel (S690). Furthermore we employ two welding coordinators to ensure the smooth running of all welding procedures.

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Fact sheet

ShopSurfaceMax.lifting heightMax.lifting weightDoors(wxh)
Steelshop-375x25m16 m13x 10 tons6x 8m1
Steelshop-475x23m16 m13x 10 tons6x 8m1
Steelshop-575x23m16 m13x 12 tons6x 8m1

Max. length welding pieces: 33 m1

Range of qualifcation according EN-ISO 15614-1 /AWS D1.1
Welders Qualification according NEN-EN 287-1 / ISO 9606-1:2012 / EN 1418:1997

Fillet Weld

Welding processThickness plateWelding positionMaterial group range
135(S) MAG + 138(m) MAG≥ 3 mmPA-PBS235 t/m S355
136 (r) MAG≥ 3 mmPA-PBS235 t/m S355
138 (m) MAG≥ 5 mmPA-PBS420 t/m S690
135(S) MAG + 138(m)MAG5 t/m 20 mmPA-PBRVS( 8 & 10)
131 (s) MIG5 t/m 20 mmPA-PBAluminium( 8 & 10)
Welding robot
135(S) MAG Solid≥ 3 mmPA-PBS235 t/m S355
OP / SAW Submerged Arc Welding
121 SAW≥ 5 mmPAS235 t/m S355

Butt Weld

Welding processThickness plateWelding positionMaterial group range
135(S) MAG + 138(m) MAG6 t/m 80 mmPA-PB-PC-PFS235 t/m S355
136 (r) MAG7,5 t/m 40 mmPA-PB-PC-PFS235 t/m S355
138 (m) MAG3 t/m 80 mmPAS420 t/m S690
135(S) MAG + 138(m)MAG3 t/m 20 mmPARVS( 8 & 10)
OP / SAW Submerged Arc Welding
121 SAW12,5 t/m 50 mmPAS235 t/m S355

Our professionals are provided with all necesarry equipment for a perfect result:
Powder deck equipment, welding manipulators and welding robots,
preheating equipment and our own welding inspection.

Security, in black and white

Not only is our daily work a testament to our qualities. We also provide in
black and white what we are capable of. We have numerous certificates,
including ISO 9001, VCA** and EN 1090(CE Marking) as well as various cer-
tificates for welders and welding methods. In short Jos van den Bersselaar
constructie B.V. is your reliable partner of choice.

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