Through the application of stainless steel paneling, Van den Bersselaar offers a futuristic look and a high level of functionality to bridges and viaducts. The elements are mounted on a hot-dip galvanized frame that is attached to the foundation of the viaduct, bridge or flyover. The CNC fabricated elements protect the sides like a thin protective layer. The overall system is flexible and applicable to both new and existing objects. Within the framework there is room for drainage pipes, cables and other equipment which is easily accessible. The concept is a Dutch product that is manufactured in accordance with high applicable quality standards in the Netherlands. The installation of the product can occur simultaneously with the construction work, thereby retaining time in the final stages.

The concept is standardized for bridges and viaducts of any kind, including the integration of any additional cables and pipes. These can be mounted securely and safe, there is also space for propagation of additional equipment and maintenance can be conducted safely at all times.

Product Function

Protection is provided against crosswinds and the effects of rain, ice and snow are being mitigated. The concept also has a positive effect on traffic noise. It is a futuristic solution which lends the object a modern and special image. The elements are available in different shapes, colors and materials. Preferably stainless steel will be used, other materials however like aluminum and powder coated steel are also available. Upon request matrix information paneling and/or solar collectors can be included in the product. All materials are 100% recyclable.

Company Profile

Van den Bersselaar is a specialized medium sized Dutch steel construction company which has made a name for itself internationally. The company is headquartered in Udenhout, near Tilburg in the province of North Brabant. Projects include constructions made out of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The family business was founded in 1957 and had been growing ever since. The qualification degree of employees is very high and most are on long term contracts. Innovation and quality are on the forefront of the company, many awards have been won on the basis of exemplary projects. Van den Bersselaar prefers a real partnership with its clients; getting involved in the earliest stages of a project in order to find solutions and achieving a technical and economic optimum. Supplying solutions rather than just another steel construction.

In Europe a large variety of different project have been realized e.g.; drainage systems for tunnel constructions, railings for bridges and viaducts, constructions for train stations, car parks, buildings, noise reduction screens road and rail, specialty construction for bridges, viaducts and many more.


Built surface ca 11.500 m2
Terrain surface
ca. 20.000 m2
Max lifting capacity24 Ton, hook-height 6 m
CertificationsISO 9001, VCA**, Welding ISO 3834-2, Welding Carbon steel S690/aluminium and stainless steel.
 Stainless steel spraypickling installation
 Aluminum and stainless steel production in separate workshops
 Welding robots and NC drill/saw
 Tekla Structures 3-D shopdrawingsystem
 ISAH Expert ERP system

Innovations i.e.:

Van den Bersselaar has an R&D department as well as a design department for detailed elaborations. In the past 5 years the company has been accredited numerous awards for special services such as e.g.:
  • 2012: the Dutch National Steel Prize for the development, architecture and construction of the project: Steel bike-park in the shape of an Apple.
  • 2011: the Dutch Metal Union Prize for the best strategy and collaboration with partners.
  • 2009: Deloitte price in the selection of the 50 best managed companies in the Netherlands.
  • 2008: Winner of the ‘BOV Trophy’, a competition for the best company in the region.
  • Dutch-Edge’s added value:

    • Provides a modern and futuristic look.
    • Unevenness in the foundation or the concrete will be measured and corrected in the production resulting in an immaculate flowing silhouette.
    • Extendable with LED lights and / or solar panels.
    • Various materials are available, as well as print and motifs on the panels.
    • Pre-Production is done for 100% in the factory.
    • Smart and simple logistics as well as quick on site assembly through the pouring of the foundation rails.
    • Possibility to start with the assembly immediately after the erection of the foundation.
    • The custom designed mounting car enables safe assembly and mounting above traffic.
    • No need to limit traffic, close down roads and / or night work.
    • Simple repair / replacement of possible damaged sections due to its universal nature.
    • The space within / behind the panels can be used to mount cables, pipes or other equipment, these are easily accessible and don’t need to be considered in the original foundation.
    • The complete system is completely cradle-to-cradle recyclable.
    • A railing function is integrated.
    • Various materials can be used such as stainless steel, tinned steel or tinned aluminum.
    • The system can be added to existing structures.


    Ramspol schokkerringweg
    Brug aansluitend bij Ramspolbrug (65m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Infrateam A50 Ramspol
    Duration 2011-2012
    Ammount € 960.000
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1m x 1,5m x 1,5m
    Energiezuinige Ramspolbrug
    Brug met zonnepanelen verwerkt in de randelementen (550m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Infrateam A50 Ramspol
    Duration 2011-2012
    Ammount € 1.300.000
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1m x 2m x 2m
    Randelementen viaduct (100m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Heijmans Civiel BV
    Duration 2011-2012 (tegelijk met Fly-over)
    Ammount € Valt onder opdrachtsom fly-over Kerensheide
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,5m x 1m x 1m
    Metrostation Kralingse Zoom Rotterdam
    Entryramp Parking Metrostation
    Principal Gemeente Rotterdam
    Aannemer Ballast Nedam/Oskomera Projects
    Duration 2012-2013
    Ammount € 152.000
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,1m x 1,1m x 0,8m
    Randelementen viaduct (130m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Heijmans Civiel BV
    Duration 2011-2012 (tegelijk met Fly-over)
    Ammount € Valt onder opdrachtsom fly-over Kerensheide
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,5m x 1m x 1,5m
    Fly-Over Kerensheide
    Futuristisch ogende RVS randafwerking (1200m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Heijmans Civiel BV
    Duration 2011-2012
    Ammount € 4.380.000
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 3m x 1m x 3m
    A2 Culemborg – Deil
    Randelementen viaduct A2 Culemborg (125m)
    Principal Rijkswaterstaat
    Aannemer Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw BV
    Duration 2008-2011
    Ammount € 3.300.000
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 0,5m x 1m x 2,5m