Fly-Over Kerensheide

Early 2012, Rijkswaterstaat (Department of civil works) has started a project to improve traffic flow around junction Kerensheide at highway A2/ A76 (direction Heerlen, south of Holland). Building a new Fly-Over was an important part of this improvement. Van den Bersselaar provided design and manufacturing of a stainless steel edge construction for contractor Heijmans B.V. It consists of hot-dip galvanized trusses holding rolled stainless steel plates. Totally more than 4000 of these plates are mounted to form 1200 m1 bridge-edging. For damage-less transportation special pallet boxes with foam padding are developed. At site, special mounting cars where used to bring the panels at there final destination. These cars were developed in cooperation with main-contractor Heijmans B.V and allow us working in day-time above highway-traffic. Any use of hoisting equipment for goods or people was due to this solution unnecessary